Article Submission – The Real Costs Of Article Marketing

article submission is simply a part of seo when you get down to it. there are others that are just trying to get a sense of what article marketing is?
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      Darinka and I encounter many people who flow through the world of SEO and article marketing, trying to push their enterprise up to the next level. They come and go, but there are actually good reasons for this. For one thing, most people still do not realize how much work article submission ends up being. This is also true of SEO as a whole because article submission is simply a part of SEO when you get down to it. There are others that are just trying to get a sense of what article marketing is all about and there’s nothing wrong with that. There is, however, one theme we notice continually and that is the underestimation of the sheer time and effort required to do article marketing for real results. We wanted to talk a little bit about that right now.

      Do less work the right way

      These days, there are plenty of different approaches towards both article submission and article marketing. Some “article marketing experts” will tell you it takes 100 articles a month, written and submitted to directories, to even get anywhere as far as driving rankings and traffic. We aren’t that crazy about writing and don’t insist on 100 articles every single month. What we believe in is the concept of working smarter, not harder. In fact, you might say we are “software addicts” because we make use of so many different tools in our daily work.

      We admit that, as humans, we have that natural lazy streak, but you know what? We think that’s a GOOD thing. That’s right, if you use your drive to do less work the right way, you will find that it can assist you in automating things and reducing the amount of effort you expend to get results. If we had not started taking time to do other things, begun to outsource more and started to design more systems and processes to get work accomplished, who knows where our business would be today. Systematizing and streamlining has lead us to success.

      Can you write enough articles?

      So returning to the point at hand: article submission means lots of content and then of course submitting that content on a consistent basis. In many, many cases, people give up on article submission and that is because they do not see the results they had imagined they would. Yet, when asked how many articles they submitted, do you know what the average answer is? Less than five. That makes us wonder how anyone can expect serious results from such a small effort. The reality is that, in order to make any kind of impact, you need to be submitting a few articles a week to directories.

      The real issue in writing content is that time it takes to write good articles. Thankfully I can whip out 100 words per minute, but even at that rate I’ve still got to tweak the articles for quality and deal with the inevitable typos that creep into an article. Many people end up facing the reality that they aren’t writing enough articles, but in order to cope with that reality, they place the blame on the tools they’re using for article submission.

      You want to be aware of this from the very beginning of your article submission efforts so you don’t fall into the same mental trap. It is crucial to understand that a service costs you far less than your time and efforts will ultimately cost you to use that tool. Think of it this way: When you are spending $59 for a monthly subscription, you may also spend at least another $100 a month in terms of content or in the value of your own time.

      Article Submissions and writing service price

      How do we deal with facts like these? You can’t alter the truth, but what you can do is work things in your favor. We recommend using The Best Spinner for article spinning any time you can. As you get better and begin employing tools to assist you, you begin to work more intelligently and this even allows you to re-purpose the content you’re working with.

      Another way to cut down on spending is to… spend. LOL That’s right, a little “political math” warning here, but seriously, if you can outsource your content creation you can certainly benefit. In fact, we would go so far as to suggest that MOST people could save if they bought the content. Of course, we do have a company that offers that service, but that is still not our reason for making this suggestion.

      The truth is, if you believe you you should be paid more than $10/hour for your time, then paying a quality content creation service to make content for you is the right choice. Any executive at a successful company is going to tell you to invest your time in running your enterprise and making more sales, not doing work that others are specialists in. Another fact to consider is that if you hire someone to do the writing, it’s going to get done because they NEED that money. That’s their livelihood.

      In the “do it yourself” crowd, often the biggest problem is that the person doing everything ends up being the one that doesn’t get everything done the way they should. We realize just how important creating content is for anyone doing SEO and that’s exactly why we created an entire company focused on, you guessed it: content creation.

      Diversity is key

      We did say that 100 articles a month isn’t a requirement, but we create a ton of content here. Then again, we do lots of everything, but moderation and variety is the real key here. Merely doing article submission only gives you one kind of link and those links aren’t the most valuable. Yes, you need them and you need them in bulk, but you need to supplement those efforts with a variety of other links in order to reach real success. Private networks can provide you with both medium and high PR links that add a lot to your efforts. Press releases from a service like ours help, social networks and even guest posting links all need to be a part of your overall strategy.

      You need a lot of diverse links and they need to be built in a variety of ways. Diversity is key here, as in most investment situations where you want a solid future payoff. You also want nofollow as well as dofollow links, and you also want lots of natural looking links – not just anchor text rich links.

      SERP tracking

      Let’s get down to what this means for you. Decide how many articles you are going to submit per month and stick to that plan. Every week, track your rankings using a SERP tracking– that way you can see how the progress is going. Keep in mind that a REALISTIC time frame is 90 days to see serious results. As much as it is a science, SEO is an art too, and sometimes it even seems like witchcraft, but as we all know, mastering an art form takes patience and consistent effort.

      So select a tool you want to get good at using and start developing a process – then take the time to refine it. People that take action and stay consistent always get the best yields from their efforts.