Well, we are at it again – it seems that Jonathan Leger has once again made another incredibly successful program by the name of Article Builder. For those readers of our blogs who may not already know, Jonathan Leger is a software developer and Internet Marketer who brought the world a popular product called The Best Spinner. Beyond this, he has also made dozens of other fantastic utilities over the last couple of years and what links them together is a goal of improving both link generation and content building.

Since he is also a marketer, Jonathan understands how challenging it can be to do Internet Marketing and how creating a continual supply of quality content that is also unique can be extremely difficult to do. The recent arrival of the Panda Update from Google has made it extremely important to do even better at this. The fact is, the giant Panda wants tons of fresh and original content that it can feast on.

In order to achieve that particular goal, Jonathan brought out a new product that is designed for the specific purpose of making content creation that much easier, thus the reason for this Article Builder review. While The Best Spinner is a utility that will spin content into a number of different original versions, this product serves as a library of already written spun content that you can make use of easily and put to work right away. You can look at it as a vault of pre-spun content that will end up being useful in your efforts because it is a true arsenal.

How Article Builder Works

The first thing that is important to cover here is the total array of content creation options so you will be better able to understand what Article Builder has to offer you in your work. At one end of the spectrum is the fact that it has unique content that is just like what ArticlesOnTap.com is able to provide you with. It is 100% custom created to meet the demands of every client as they need it.

At the other side of the spectrum you find Private Label Rights content often referred to as PLR. This kind of content was created by someone previously and has been sold elsewhere for others to use, think of it as shared content. There are a lot of different kinds of content and various niches in PLR today. There are PLR vendors who only sell to a small audience of people and there are others who will sell one article over and over – even thousands of sales of just one article.

article builder review

What PLR offers you is that you will get a good place to start and plenty of people end up buying this kind of content and then spinning it through Jon’s The Best Spinner so they can get even more unique content without actually needing to write everything by hand. This is a great way to go if you do a very good job at spinning, but the problem is that PLR has a high exposure which you have to factor in. Trying to spin PLR articles that have already been sold hundreds or thousands of times means that even very good spins will still not give you much in the way of genuinely unique content. The truth is, dozens of other marketers have done this already and they are using the same tools so the results you get could very well end up being quite similar to theirs.

Article Builder is not PLR content nor is it unique content. Instead, it is something totally different – a type of content called Super Spun content. You might be wondering what Super Spun content could be and that makes sense. The name describes it and the definition is not precise, but the general idea is that you grab content, re-write it heavily and then spin it so that you get hundreds of thousands – even millions – of unique articles each time.

The Article Builder Features

There are a pair of main uses for Article Builder. One of these is creating totally independent stand alone articles, but the other one is injecting fresh content into posts that you already have online. This second option was definitely interesting to us, but we will need to do quite a bit of testing before we find out whether or not it is really viable. The concept is an interesting one, though. That concept is that due to Google’s most recent Panda updates, there are a lot of sites that have either scraped or duplicated from elsewhere, so much so that is much of their overall composition. We could never advise you to just wipe pages out from a site you own because it can send Google signals you definitely do not want to send to them. It is even worse if you wipe out those pages all at once. The main issue here is that it makes your site even smaller in the Google index which lowers your level of authority from the perspective of Google. So, what we need to find out is, how can we fix the issue of duplicate content on a site you own (if you do indeed have this as an issue you face) without just erasing it? The answer is that you need to rebuild that content so you can replace it on the page that is drawing Google’s ire.

This solution can be a very good one if there are not too many articles or just a couple dozen. However, if you have hundreds upon hundreds of articles, then what do you do? The concept we are working with here is that Article Builder can ‘inject’ fresh content into your articles so you can enhance the content which already exists on your site and make sure it is actually unique without needing to have all of the articles totally re-written which can be expensive. This theory itself does need more testing on our part because it is something that we would only try out on what we call a ’2nd tier site’ – ie, you do not want to attempt this on a site that is your main cash generator.

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We did not test this theory ourselves because we had no sites that were still using the old auto blogging tactics nor sites that used contents to publish duplicate content and things along those lines. We found out quite a while back that this was a tactic that would only work for a very brief time and not over the long haul so that is why we focus solely on unique content for the sites that we have been running over the past few years together.

The main use for Article Builder, though, is generating fresh new articles and there are a variety of unique ways it can accomplish this for you. Jon made a large database where you will find thousands upon thousands of article snippets that can be used to create articles like this and there is also a massive, sprawling database of Super Spun articles you have access to. Either of these approaches have their pros and cons so try them each out when you are making articles of your own. Really, all you are going to have to do is check a check box located in the interface and you can make Super Spun articles or access the database of snippets that is growing by the thousands regularly every single week.

Article Builder’s network is still growing and it has been released before in the past. While we could have reviewed it a few months ago when Jonathan Leger released it, there were at that time not as many features as there are now so we held off then. As an example, at first the Super Spun articles were not a part of Article Builder the way they are now. The main thing that matters here is that it is growing and Jonathan keeps expanding the set of features the product is able to offer. That is one of the things he has become famous for.

In point of fact, if you do not see a topic you need content for listed in the array of topics available, you are allowed to request it and it can be added to the list to be included in the future. Every single week more topics are being added so the network is not just widening, it is also getting deeper in terms of coverage and growing at a consistent rate, too.

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The Best Spinner is a product that we have been using for a couple years now and it has gone through dozens and dozens of upgrades in that time. It has gone through so many that we actually need to go do a rewritten review of it eventually because there is so much that has been changed and improved over the past year that has helped to make it an even more potent and truly robust tool now than it was in the past – and that is saying a lot because it was a great tool when we first reviewed it! We really admire that fact about the products that Jon creates. He gives them not just excellent support and is willing to stand behind them, he also keeps on improving them with enhancements over time and that is exactly what we are excited about seeing when it comes to Article Builder. The truth is, he has already made a ton of improvements in just the last couple months since the tool was released.

In terms of the content ‘injection’ for your existing articles there are a number of unique strategies you can take. There is the option to insert the content directly into a given article (this is what most people do) or you can select from a number of other strategies, too. For instance, you can have the content added to the sidebar as tip if you prefer. You can also use content call-outs or even combine a few of these strategies. In the end, this winds up giving you a lot of freedom to use the inserted content in a way that works best for the needs you have.

Additional Article Builder Features

With every tool out there, there are core feature sets that are the primary backbone of the application itself, but the truly excellent tools have features that are great to have that will definitely make the price well worth the investment. These are what seal the deal and set the best tools apart from those that are just good and this is because they end up making the work you do a lot easier. We greatly appreciate simple tools and are all for automating things, so this is the area we like to put our focus on when it comes to these gems of tools that have a lot of features that would be easy to otherwise overlook in other reviews.

With Article Builder you get a lot of simple to use ‘great to have’ features that we really feel we need to point out so you get the full depth of this product. For one thing, you can put in your own blogs and it can publish content straight to them for you with only the push of a button needed. In addition to this, you can schedule things out so that this can be done a number of times per day, for instance, and queue it all up so that it gets released automatically on your schedule over the course of the week to come. This is terrific if you want to work in batch mode, doing a bunch of work for the week or even doing work that will last your site the entire month.


article builder

A developer’s API is another excellent feature that is incorporated into Article Builder. In case you are not sure what this is, API is an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface and what it means is that programmers can interact with the program directly. So, as an example, you could hire a freelance programmer to write a small script that would automate certain parts of the way you use the application. To give an example, you might want to have content automatically integrated with your network of sites and this is something you could easily do. Clearly, this may not be what everyone would like to do, but having been a programmer myself and as a fan of automation, I am really glad that Jonathan nearly always makes an API for the applications he builds so that we developers are able to make use of it.


article builder

Article Builder also includes Copyscape encoding so that you will be able to make sure articles you create pass Copyscape. While I do not know where you would need this in order to use it effectively, it is an option you have. Basically, it will substitute text with equivalent code that can then be translated right back into text. Because it does this, it keeps Copyscape from flagging the content for being duplicate. Again, I’m not sure how “needed” this feature really is, but it is available to you if you do have need for it.

Our Article Builder Results

We have used Article Builder to generate a bunch of articles so far and we were impressed by what we saw. The tool is able to produce great SEO content and it could work well for linkbuilding, especially for Tiered Web 2.0 properties. Personally, this is not the kind of content we recommend you use for a first tier site that is earning money for you, but if you are looking for a way to make good off-site SEO content or for second tier sites, this can be incredibly powerful. When we say first tier vs. second tier, we are referring to this: first tier are the sites that generate the bulk of your money on the web. Second tier sites are those which are not a high priority for you and are not as important because they exist to support your money sites, but they are not nearly as crucial to your stability at earning online nor a key part of your successful marketing on the web – that is the definition we have.

We did get better results when we used Super Spun articles instead of the article snippets, but the niche you are working in and the keywords you select are going to end up being what determines your results. Those niches which are common and heavily saturated are, of course, going to have a lot heavier usage by others and be more prone to be filled with duplicates. There is a good bit of what we do that is geared towards niches like SEO and Internet Marketing and, obviously, those are going to be extremely popular. Having said this, though, the results we have seen were still quite good – this is particularly so when it comes to the Super Spun type articles.

Another strategy you may want to consider is clicking the check box to create the content you are generating be output in the format ready for a spin through The Best Spinner. That is a very smart idea for linkbuilding campaigns and off site SEO where you are going to be submitting an array of spun articles to content networks.

So how good is the content Article Builder can create? Well, you really need to understand the fact that this is human created content, all of it, and it has been edited before being spun so that you are guaranteed a uniqueness of 75%. In order words, this is not garbage output by machines – the content is of good quality. As a matter of fact, on the sales page for this program Jonathan says, “the odds than any two articles generated by one of these documents will be less than 80% unique is one in 10 million” – that is actually very impressive.

Already, we have output tons of articles and not once did we notice any which were noticeably awkward nor written poorly or anything like that – they have all achieved quality levels ranging from average to good.

How Best to Use Article Builder

Our feeling is that on site content for a first tier cash generating site should be extremely high quality and totally unique in terms of the content included. In that respect, Article Builder is not what we would recommend as a source of articles you will be publishing straight on to your primary site. The articles will be unique, still, but that does not mean that some duplicate content won’t be inside them and that, as a general rule, they will be average in quality and not particularly inspiring the way you want for a first tier site. What I am saying is, these are not the kind of articles you want to post on your blog and brag about as some of your best content, but that should be fairly obvious in this case.

There is nothing wrong with that at all and, in fact, every tool available to you has a best usage that is most proper for it. When it comes to Article Builder, its best use is going to be at linkbuilding off site and creating SEO grade content you can use off site. There are a huge number of linkbuilding networks available to you and these are all going to have this in common: they need a constant flow of unique content served fresh. This is the way in which we see ArticleBuilder as a tool that can save you a whole lot of cash and a great deal of time, as well. Rather than writing a huge amount of content or having others write it on your behalf, you can leverage ArticleBuilder to create a ton of content you can start using right away.

Is this going to be a good solution for all networks? There are a lot of distribution channels which are not nearly as scrutinizing, this kind of content could work extremely well. We submitted to quite a few of them and found that we got good results with the vast majority of them. Unfortunately, we are not going to say which ones we used because it is not totally clear as to whether this is allowed or forbidden and we are not looking to cause ourselves or anyone else grief over that.

Article Builder Pricing

A tool of this quality is always going to be a little difficult in terms of pricing. Part of the issue is that the pricing is justified by the amount of money you will end up saving rather than the cost of the tool itself. Of course, this all depends on how much use you personally get out of it. In our opinion, though, this an extremely affordable tool that is very well priced.

Instead of going with a model wherein you would need to pay a monthly subscription, Jonathan has given this tool an annual subscription. So, since it is $297 per year you end up with a product that costs just $25 per month. All you would need to do is buy 2 spun articles a month and you would have spent more than the price of the subscription itself. The beauty of it, though, is that you get very high usage rights with Article Builder and that means you can put out as many as 250 articles every single day using it.

No, that is not a typo. That is up to 250 a day (not a month). If you actually need more than this it must be because you are doing extremely serious article marketing and really, unless you are doing this for several dozen sites then you are most likely not doing it the right way. To put it another way, even a high-end marketer is going to get more value from this product than they could ever really use fully, much less actually need.


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