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Internet marketing service in USA & Canada

SEO Competitors is a premier Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization specialist in Toronto, the GTA, and Southern Ontario. We focus on graphic design and web design for your company or organization that can generate highly effective positioning on all major search engines. In today's markets, the online presence of a corporation is a key element in its marketing success and overall corporate advancements.

Our company SEO Competitors has over 7 years of experience in Internet Marketing, graphic design, and web design and understanding that there is a lot that goes into making a website get to the top of a search result, as well as the effectiveness in attracting and keeping clients captivated online. The very essence of a company must translate into a website and can help you get there.

Internet Marketing helps you get on the top of Google and Yahoo, Internet Marketing along with graphic design and web design can consist of many factors and elements, with which ultimately effective Internet marketing is what separates one website from another. The strength of a website defines its basis for reaching maximum placement potential on major search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO or search engine optimization is a method to enhance the presence of your website in the internet world with the help of different search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Getting your website for search optimization will bring lots of profit to the user because of the increase in the page ranking and increased number of viewers.

All it takes is to have a good amount of keyword-rich content to enable easier search for people during keyword research. As a result of search engine optimization, the website becomes more visible frequently in the search engines through links, social popularity, relevant content and topics, and good domain trust.

  • On page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Aditional services

How good SEO can help your website?

For a website owner - first there is a competition to make the website search engine friendly and then another competition to get the website counted among the top ranking websites to get good traffic of viewers. While searching for information - people type certain keywords in the search engine due to which it opens a number of site information for these people to get the required information. The better your site is designed to be SEO friendly the greater are the chances for these search engines to rank your website more than other website in response to the search results.

As a result - in the mist of so much content in the internet. SEO helps to direct your website in getting the attention from different search engines.

  • Mores visits
  • More customers
  • More sales

Who need SEO?

SEO is very essential to not only businessmen but also for those who aim to make good blogs for interactive purposes. While starting an online business, in order to get the necessary attention for your business to start, you should get your website search engine optimized because with so much development in the technology and internet world competition has become even in this virtual world of internet. Your idea is no more unique as many people around the world may get the same idea giving rise to new websites every day.

Thus SEO is very important for gaining profits in business as well as to become successful in the online business.

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Big Business
  • Individuals
  • Ecomerce

What we can do to help you grow your Business?

Marketing gurus have had to re-think the way they provide services and the ways in which it is used and applied across many different industries. There are interactive methods of marketing, especially when it comes to global, international and national markets such as New York, Chicago, Toronto and many other cities.

Online and Internet Marketing are sometimes considered to have a broader scope because it refers to more than just the Internet, and includes all types of media and digital interfaces that provide marketing and advertising in the non-conventional and non-classical sense of the word. As a leader in marketing, Seo Competitors Web Marketing can provide the types of services, opportunities and leads that a company needs to improve and increase their online presence and exposure to the world.

Graphic Design and Internet Marketing

Graphic Design and Internet Marketing SEO offers online and Internet marketing solutions for companies and organizations across major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and many other cities across the Province of Ontario and other territories across Canada. We also service areas such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, Houston, and Dallas to name a few.

Internet Marketing has many aspects and levels of services, such as, but not limited to Search Engine Optimization , SEO Consulting Services, Web Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Design, Web Content Development, Website Tracking and Statistics, Graphic Design and Link Building. These services are the essence of the major work that goes into the optimization of a website into a real online presence for any company.

In major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, working with such a website is a key ingredient in creating a successful strong presence in the online community. With such large cities, across New York for example, there are many other metropolitan areas that seek services within the greater geographical presence, and one of the best ways to search for such services is through strong website search parameters. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Place your website at the top of search engine ranking.
  • Make your site popular in all major search engines.
  • Bring more traffic to your websites.
  • Rank your site for a specific keyword or keywords.
  • Obtain more traffic through Long Tail search strategies.
  • Increased visibility for your website and ultimatly your business or organization.


Search Engine Optimization Services  SEO in Canada has shown remarkable growth in recent years. This has happened predominantly because of the important position that Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing have acquired in our everyday lives.

Therefore anyone seriously thinking about making a successful online presence needs to have professional SEO consultancy services. Seo competitors have a dedicated team of search engine optimization experts from Toronto who will guarantee that the money you invest reaps maximum benefit for your business.

We will help you choose the best keyword targets and make sure that your website is ranked among the top positions on the prominent search engines.

SEO basically comprises of a set of techniques utilized for targeting relevant website traffic on search engines. The nearer your website appears at the top of the results page, the higher probability it has to attract more traffic.

This in turn also increases the prospect of converting a number of 'hits' on a website into sales also goes up drastically. Good SEO in Canada is very advantageous commercially and it is a known fact that the companies whose websites are positioned higher on search engine result pages mostly do well than those that rank lower.

What we can do for you?

We offer you guaranteed results. Assist you in selecting the keywords and phrases that will get you the maximum return on investment.

Give you an assurance that your website will be ranked among the top ones in popular search engines (,, etc.)

We manually work towards developing a search engine optimization program for SEO in Canada and USA suited to your needs. SEO competitors from Toronto understand that automated SEO systems do not correctly submit your website to different directories and thereby reduce your probability of search engine effectiveness.

We can provide you the best. We can work on a core area like focusing on getting you the target audience or develop an elaborate SEO strategy. We merge all our research, knowledge and experience skills to provide you with the very best SEO tools and technology so as to increase your website's search engine ranking. Not only this, we have advanced SEO tools that help to gauge the effectiveness of the process we undertake. This ensures complete transparency in every aspect of our Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

If that sounds fascinating then contact us immediately for free SEO analysis of your website here!

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Off-Page search engine optimization services

Our off-page search engine optimization services are able to provide an excellent external backlink portfolio which will increase your site’s authority and web presence. Relevance is key for off-page search engine optimization services, and we can provide the following to help build up your natural linking profile:

Well-written article submissions to portals in your industry

A range of tailored Citations directory submission options

Positive press releases that can increase your global reputation

Wikipedia presence and social media visibility

Premium links with high PA and DA

And much much more for our clients...

On-Page search engine optimization services

Fix Errors:

Improve your website:

Questions about SEO project

How Do You Manage a Project?
After the contract is through and all decision-makers agree on the terms, your project moves to the execution stage. There are several phrases.

During all phrases, you are updated on the status of each stage and overall campaign progress.

A dedicated optimization Expert will personally manage and optimize your website. Together you will discuss best approaches, changes and overall process of the campaign. In the event, something urgent emerges – you will get support beyond business hours.


“Since I’ve entered into the realm of SEO with my own website and became a webmaster, I have dealt with some seedy companies. A piece of advice before you spend any money – do your homework. Finding SEO Competitors was a breath of fresh air and a blessing for me. The owner actually stayed up late on the phone one night to save me losing my rankings as I was switching my IP address…even though I was doing it through another company. Needless to say, when my current contract runs out, I am switching to this company. I find the staff at SEO Competitors is always willing to take the time to make me feel as important as their big accounts. If you are looking for a reliable SEO firm, I highly recommend this company.” – Michael Lambridge

As a part of the management process we will review:

Your search engine rankings on targeted search engines. Progress of the overall campaign for all keywords in targeted markets Progress of how well we’re meeting your objectives in terms of execution, time and results.

Receive your feedback

Project management includes measurement of visitor trending including Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Page Views, Keyword Referrals, Traffic Sources, Content Drill Down, Time Spent on Page and more. If particular keywords send referrals that do not convert at the desired rate and underperform in measurement goals, SEO Competitors switches efforts to more effective keywords that closely relate or are similar to the ones that drive the highest revenues.

How SEO Competitors Handles Project Changes?

From our experience, once work has begun on a project it may require changes to the execution and changes to the budget. Before commencing changes we identify challenges and consult with you.
Campaign execution changes due to industry-specific algorithms.
Google has developed various algorithms for a number of different industries to provide superior relevancy to users. Once identified – algorithms may require different optimization approaches. When this occurs, we notify you, explain the challenge and work out the best solution.
Discovery of new markets.
Markets on search engines are represented with keywords. If through ongoing keyword research we discover keywords where your company has no presence, we notify you and discuss possibilities.
Changes within your company.
Those changes are outside of our control, but we cater to all changes you may make within reasonable capacity.
If you have a new initiative in mind.
We want to target different market segments or have other project course changes – we will make necessary modifications. Your SEO professional will consult with you and come up with an initiative most suited to your goals. Please note that changes to the search engine optimization campaign 2-3 months in progress cannot be easily made and may damage planned results and require additional budget. Paid inclusion and pay per click changes can be made instantly.
How Do You Approach Strategic Relationships?
SEO competitors retain 90% of our client accounts due to the strategic arm we provide to their operations. Your strategic relationship with us will not start in the first months of our partnership. It takes 3 to 6 months to produce search engine optimization results and you will want to see results first. It’s only logical – actions speak louder than words. Once our campaigns bring results and achieve your objectives, you are in a position to compare us to past service providers, our continuity and abilities to realize your goals. From this point on you can easily judge whether it makes sense to integrate our solutions into your operations on larger scale and develop a strategic relationship with us.

Do I Need Strategic Relationship in Search?

Every decision and move your company makes can have search implications and can be integrated into your search marketing campaign. New product developments, new service offers, new business courses – affect the way your company targets new customers. Every initiative can have a corresponding development on a search to maximize your reach in the online marketplace. Whenever your company makes a move, we can proactively react and execute a complimenting search engine marketing campaign.
How Do We Measure Results / ROI?

You measure your return on investment with profits.

Measure ResultsDuring the course of optimization campaign you will observe your website climbing in search results, eventually to page 1. Once there, you can track an increase in visitor traffic with analytics software [Google offers it for free] and correlate a number of visitors to new customers/leads.

So there are 3 ways to measure your ROI:

  • Profits
  • Rankings on search engines
  • Visitor traffic
Your returns will relate directly to your industry, competition, and demand for your offer. Some of our clients in the limousine service industry grew over 300%, tripling their fleet of vehicles, while large companies in the financial sector boosted annual earnings by 20%. Regardless of your industry and competition – our search engine marketing campaigns always provide you with at least a 200% return of whatever you invested.
How long for results?

Quality Takes Time

Time for ResultsFrom our experience it takes 3 to 6 months to reach the top placement on leading search engines [natural search engine optimization].The timeframe also depends on your industry, competition and the initial state of the website.


Please keep in mind the difference between blacklisted optimization techniques and ethical SEO services. “Black” [those who use banned methods] search engine optimization service providers may offer a shorter timeframe, however, once caught in the act, your website will be at least temporarily removed from search results. We recommend an ethical approach to optimization, which takes more time but produces a higher yield in the long run. Find out more at SEO Ethics & Guidelines.

Why Does it Take So Long?

Quality optimization services take time due to the trust factor incorporated into search engines. Search engines will not allow websites to the first page unless proof of quality is abundant. That proof is represented with link popularity, high relevancy pages, and click rate. In other words, search engines are very careful about who they allow to the first page. Our task is to satisfy search engines via an array of specialized search engine optimization services.
What Benefits Do We Bring?

Just to name a few:

  • Increase your website traffic 200% – 14,000%
  • Drive qualified visitors who want to do business with your company. Visitors qualify themselves because they get to search engines, type in keywords and click on your website instead of competitors. Visitors are interested in your offer; otherwise, they would never click on your site.
  • Get your applications, trial downloads, orders, leads, and sales – UP, as a result of increased traffic.
  • Get the best search positions on search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Protect those positions against competition and algorithm changes.
  • Attract customers from Canadian and American cities. Target customers by their local regions. Target customers in 10 Canadian provinces, 3 territories, and 50 American states.
  • Get your brand more visible on search engines. Use a search to develop stronger brand awareness.

Not interested yet? How about:

  • Create custom search engine marketing campaigns, which you can direct at your target audience, in specific geo-locations.
  • Target business decision-makers looking for solutions. Capture those decision-makers as leads and turn them over to your sales department.
  • Fully translate your pages into French and target Quebec province with specially designed French search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Know which keywords deliver the highest amount of sales, which keywords help you attain future customers and which keywords your website MUST have search engine presence for.
  • Optimize your shopping cart or content management system for automatic search engine optimization.

Still not interested? You’re a demanding person. We demand best from ourselves:

  • Establish your website as an online industry player. Compete with the biggest brands.
  • Measure your Return on Investment on a granular level. Measure the rise in visitor traffic and rise in new customers with analytics software.
  • Benefit from on-hand expertise in optimizing over 250 websites. Benefit from the knowledge from the foremost authority on Canadian search, who holds top spots on Google for the most competitive keywords in the world.
  • Learn yourself or train your team essential SEO steps to maintain existing rankings and optimize future website developments.
  • Gain publicity, visibility, and coverage with optimized press release services. Let top media outlets know about your company, products, and developments.

You’re still looking for more from your search engine marketing firm? We cater:

  • Get your code cleaned up and catered to leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and
  • Optimize your PDF, word, flash and video files for search visibility.
  • Learn what your competitors are up to on search engines. Find out what keywords they bid on and their approximate search marketing budgets. Spot and act on their weaknesses, compete with their strengths.
  • Get more incoming links from directories and related industry websites. Get more direct traffic.
  • Create strong copywriting that entice interest in readers and satisfy search engine algorithms.

SEO  Competitors offers a performance-driven line up of solutions, services, and strategies.

A one of kind approach to business relationships. Splendid customer service.
And most importantly – claims that are backed up by our own TOP visibility on search.
How do you manage changes in algorithms and competing efforts?
Once attained positions need nurturing. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft employ over 10,000 people(each) and spend millions to develop, improve and advance search algorithms. Due to rapid development and changes in mathematical algorithms, technology, and strategies, websites experience fluctuations in rankings.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service aims to keep your search engine positions, after the initial search engine optimization campaign. It addresses variable essentials required to keep your positions intact such as constant addition of fresh content via search engine copywriting service and addition of links via link enhancement service.

Changes in Algorithms

We monitor your website for search engine position changes and maintain multiple internal sites designed to observe, uncover and spot changes in search algorithms.  If your rankings drop, we will deliver your website back to previous positions as a part of our service.

Protection Against Competition

Competition can also impact your rankings. Competition can target exact keywords, get above your positions and eventually get a larger share of the market. In case your competition enters the search engine optimization game, we will run competitor analysis and take the necessary steps to counter react and safeguard your positions on search engines.

SEO CompetitorsAdvantage as Your Strategic Partner

As search becomes mainstream, more and more companies optimize their websites for visibility. To attain, preserve and benefit from long term search engine visibility your service provider must have 360-degree awareness of the developments, changes, and improvements in search engine algorithms.

SEO Competitors Toronto

SEO Competitors made a commitment to keep our clients and our own properties in the most fruitful spots on search engines. We keep websites for the sole purpose of watching algorithms, engage in search community discussions, read blogs and major search industry publications to deliver and maintain results for our clients. Learn how SEO Competitors Toronto stays on the cutting edge of search development and technologies.
How do You Stay on Edge With Latest Technologies?

“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon.

To keep ourselves updated and be the best we can be in our industry, we continuously acquire knowledge, monitor changes in search algorithms and participate in search community discussions, gatherings, and trade shows.

Internal websites

We have a number of internal websites that rank for various keywords in different industries. Those websites are designed to test and observe changes in search engine algorithms. When changes occur, we know instantly and take appropriate precautions for our clients.
Here are some other ways through which we keep ourselves sharp:
  • Reading search news publications on a daily basis such as Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable.
  • Monitoring official press releases from GoogleYahooMicrosoft, and
  • Reading search engine optimization blogs.
  • Participating in search engine optimization forums such as: Webmaster WorldDigital PointSEO ChatSearch Engine Watch and Cre8site Forums.
  • Participation in search industry conferences such as Search Engine StrategiesSearch Marketing Expo and Pubcon.
  • Testing beta versions of new search and web-related software.
  • Reading white papers, articles and research into search algorithms, search development predictions, indexing papers, and search patents.
What is your approach to “black hat SEO”?
As a professional search engine marketing company we strictly adhere to the SEO ethics and guidelines set out by major search engines and guarantee to never put your website under risk or participate in practices that may result in blacklisting or deletion from search engines.

Ethics and Guidelines set out by search industry leaders:

  • Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Yahoo Search Content Guidelines
  • Microsoft Site Owner Policy
  • Site Policies
The implications of breaking quality guidelines can be drastic to revenues and to overall marketing campaigns. We fully understand the weight of the consequences and guarantee to never use any blacklisted methods mentioned by the search engines, methods listed below or any new techniques developed by the “Black Hat” search engine optimization community.

SEO guidelines and ethnics

SEO guidelines and ethnics have been put out by the search engines in order to assist search engine optimization professionals willing to respect quality standards driving the worldwide search industry. The rewards garnered through ethnical optimization result in long-lasting revenue sources, as a quality SEO company will increase the relevancy of search results and benefit:
  • Prospective Searchers – allow searchers to easily find and initiate a business relationship with your company.
  • Your Business – drive pre-sold customers via targeted keywords.
  • Search Engines – assist search engines in displaying relevant, high-quality results.
We have successfully engaged in ethical search engine optimization for both small, medium and large companies, with each and every customer prominently placed on the first page. We have never engaged in blacklisted techniques and choose a route of ethnical SEO over short term gains. For you, as our client, apart from proactive SEO maintenance, we guarantee one less concern in marketing campaign management.

Blacklisted Search Engine Optimization Practices

The use of the following techniques will result in: position penalty, temporary website removal or permanent blacklisting from search results. Once spotted, Google, Yahoo, and MSN have no algorithmic empathy and take action immediately. There has been a number of incidents where websites were penalized and have never regained the previous status.
Invisible Text
Blending keywords and text to the background color, in order to game search engine algorithms into assigning high relevancy score.
Showing different versions of a website to search engines and searchers. Users see a normal page, while search engines see unnaturally optimized, keyword-rich page.
Keyword Stuffing
Stuffing pages with targeted keywords, making the content of low quality and nearly unreadable. Spamdexing Similar to keyword stuffing, where pages are excessively stuffed with keywords. Spamdexing includes keywords and links to completely unrelated websites in an effort to gain more traffic.

Long Term Optimization

What good is a short term fix? Search engine optimization techniques that break SEO ethics & guidelines are aimed at gaming algorithms through loopholes overlooked by search engines. Once spotted, they are quickly diffused.
Banned search engine optimization techniques
It is a valid argument that banned search engine optimization techniques make search engineers work harder, bringing a degree of balance to the industry. SEOs that use unethical methods look for the holes, while engineers patch up the holes and improve algorithms. Using blacklisted methods is a short term strategy. If you are looking to launch aggressive, ethnical search marketing campaigns, SEO Competitors can help. Please explore our search engine optimization services. We abide by the SEO Ethics & Guidelines and never put your website under risk.
Why Toronto SEO Company?
It is no secret that Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is very hard to ignore Toronto when it comes to business opportunities. With a population of over 2.45 millions, there is plenty of room for Toronto SEO. Optimizing a website is the concept of increase traffic on your website by being on page #1 of Google. Toronto SEO is great for your business because we know how the Toronto market works. Our expert staff is knowledgeable and skilled in the fast-paced Toronto market.

The help of Toronto SEO Company

With the help of Toronto SEO, your business will increase with more visitors, more business and more money. Investing in optimizing your site is a smart decision because have an optimized website is what makes the difference from a mediocre site to an accessible site. We understand how to work with the Google robots in order to maximize your links which will increase your visitors. In simple terms, more click = more visitors. Let Toronto SEO start the chain reaction for your business. We are the #1 site on Google and we have plenty of testimonials that will stand by us. We are confident that we have what it takes to make your business bloom into the business you always wanted it to be. Let Toronto SEO be the source of your success…. you wonát be disappointed.

Toronto SEO Company

Toronto SEO Company is the best optimization business is Canada. We are #1 on Google making us stand out over 1million sites. If your business is slower than you like, optimizing your website is the next best thing you can do in order to maximize your profits. Often people do not realize how an unused website can hurt business. If your website ends up on page 12 of Google, a company selling the same product as you on page one will have your customers just because they are on page one.

We will bring you to the first place

Being on page #1 of Google will help you tremendously because Google will recognize an optimized website over one that has too many confusing links. If you have any concerns of questions, our expert staff is always ready to answer your questions. We know how important your business is to you, we have here to give it that extra push that will make it that much better. If you are looking for the best Toronto SEO company, look no further. We are here to help your business grow… that´s a promise!
Why our search engine marketing firm from Canada?
SEO Competitors is the best search engine marketing firm that guarantees your top search engine page indexation, as results of our ethical Search Engine Optimization Services application done throughout your web pages. With the best leading SeoCompetitors and the dedication to maximizing any website, we have the right tools to make our clients happy. Our goal is to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results. We take internet marketing to a new level with our different approach that works efficiently. For most businesses increased search engine listings mean a large stream of business. In simple terms, more click = more money.

We are successful in our business

Because we have been so successful in the past, we know exactly what to do when we are faced with a website that needs optimizing. We have marketing graduates, expert coders and advanced copywriters to insure quality service. We take each of our clients very seriously. We thoroughly examine each website and focus on elements that what work and which ones need improving. As a prominent search engine marketing firm, we only believe in giving our clients 100% of our services. You are more than just a client to us; we want to work with you to create a powerful team. With your website and our expertise, the combination only creates great synergy. We aim for greatness and success, give us a try and increase your search engine visibility… you won´t regret it!!!

SeoCompetitorsas search engine marketing firm

Search engine marketing has changed in the past years. With the internet invading homes and businesses, our team knows how to target the right audience that fits your market. If you have a competition to worry about, being on page ş of Google can eliminate that concern. Being on the page of Google holds many advantages because you are more apt to having prospective clients look at your site before all others. We are experts in search engine marketing; we have great testimonials of companies that have seen results only after a few months of releasing their new and improved optimized site. We have a direct approach to search engine marketing, we get to know your market and will work around that to make sure your site attracts the perfect clients that you need. We are confident that we can not only optimize your website but also increase business for your company. We are always ready to take your phone calls for more information, but if you explore our site, you will see with your own eyes that we mean business… let´s work together and make it happen!

Professional search engine marketing firm

As a professional search engine marketing firm, we qualified our SeoCompetitors team members throughout years of experience that are involving “trial and error” ethical SEO technology and differentiate us among other search engine marketing firms. We know what we do BEST! SEO and Internet Marketing Services that will call out ourselves as your BEST Search Engine Marketing Firm with the most dedicated SeoCompetitors within their team member to work side by side with YOU, our client! We´ll reach to the top of Search Engine Page Result (SERP)!
What is search engine optimization web design?
SEO Competitors is a professional search engine optimization and marketing firm offering full suite services including SEO website design. Please explore our website if you would like to find out more.

Website Design Services Include:

[following SEO web design practices only outline general guidelines]

Clean Search Friendly Coding

From the ground up, we ensure that the website follows World Wide Web Consortium design guidelines. We code in strict HTML code and CSS layout making it easier for search engines to scan through the website and extract vital information for search rankings.

Search Friendly information Structure

Advances search engines such as Google place weight on the informational structure design of the website(links, navigation, site maps). Clean, relevant, keyword-rich structure can drastically affect search rankings. We ensure that your website is built from its fundament to satisfy search engine requirements, increasing chances of hitting top spots.

Content Creation

As we design your website, we ensure that the written content contains all of your main and secondary keywords in elements such as: h-tags, metadata, page titles, navigation, link anchors, written text.

Link Popularity Building

Building a website from the ground up is a challenging search engine optimization and web design task, as the new website is unfamiliar to search engines, hence it lacks a required “trust element” to be featured among top results. We gradually build up links pointing to your website increasing the “trust element” and ensuring that your website will maintain top position, regardless of competition or big search engine changes.

Professional search engine marketing

As a professional search engine marketing and search engine optimization web design company we ensure that your newly build website ranks high for targeted keywords. Be it new or old domain. We will also assist in picking the right domain name if you haven’t done so, as domain age and domain keywords play a role in search ranking algorithms(i.e. “”)

SEO Competitors company

SEO Competitors is a Canadian SEO web design company servicing Ontario, Quebec and other Canadian Provinces. Our websites rank amongst top results for some of the most competitive keywords.
What is social media marketing?
Social media marketing is the biggest thing to hit the marketing world. Social marketing uses the power of networking to spread the word about a brand, website or product. Social media can be hard to navigate as a beginner, but it’s entirely possible to utilize the power of these websites to promote whatever it is you want to promote.

1. Build Pages On All Social Outlets

It sounds like a daunting and time-consuming task, but having a profile on the major social-media websites can give your company a boost. It gets your name out there, and it allows customers to find you easily in a number of ways. You can share links on each of these pages to get recognition too.

2. Talk To Fans

Some websites are integrating a system that makes your posts visible to a select amount of people. This can be frustrating. Talk to your fans as often as possible on your page. Encourage conversations between fans with creative posts. People talking is always a good thing.

3. Make A Call To Action

Telling your fans to share a post is the easiest way to get it spread around. It may seem overly simple, but it really works. Those trigger words make people want to share with their friends. If it’s something relevant or important, they are more likely to share it. If you are having a contest or giveaway, this increases the number of shares.

4. Host A Giveaway

Giveaways are an easy way to get new fans. They encourage conversation too. If a giveaway is relevant to your company, then find a way to incorporate that into your social-media marketing. As the giveaway goes on, watch the increase in fans and activity on your page.

5. Post Often

Frequently posting content to your pages and your websites will draw people in. No one wants to interact with a company or page that rarely updates. It is easy to be forgotten in a fast-paced world. Keep your fans engaged by posting lots of fresh content each day.

6. Offer Subscriptions

Offering subscriptions for your content or website is the best way to keep people engaged. You should routinely encourage fans to subscribe to you through your social pages. This will increase traffic, purchases and interaction with your company.

7. Meet People Where They Are

Following tags on popular sites and reaching out is the best way to make people follow back. If you notice a photo, post or comment that is promoting your company, respond to that person. This kind of interaction makes people feel important and special. It makes them feel like a person and not another customer. It’s a good strategy for all companies to follow. Meet your fans where they are instead of making them find you.

8. Be Friendly

Being friendly will go a long way. The customer is always right. Be sure to present your company in the best light possible. This will give you a strong presence in the social-media world, and that is what you want.
We Focus on Your Future!
Our qualified team creates a search engine optimization plan on a personalized level. We build working models that merge all Local and national SEO services such as PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, and Conversion Optimization with the specific needs of your business and the target customer base so as to give you top search engine rankings without stopgaps.

Developing SEO Strategies that Work In the Long Term

We do not believe in short cuts and short term results. Our team is unified in developing search engine optimization strategies that actually work in the long term. Our Canada SEO Services promises you is that we can maximize website traffic and sales conversions over a period of time and we have always delivered on this promise.

Offering Instant Solutions and Supervising Traffic Flow

By choosing us you will also choose a lifelong support team who will be there to regularly review and make optimum changes to the design and content of your website in order to get the highest targeted traffic and maximize conversion rates. Our qualified technicians are ready for you night and day to resolve any irregular faults on your website that might be affecting its usability. We realize that the nature of online marketing is very dynamic and with time your business needs to catch up as well. This is why we are here to assist you in analyzing your traffic flow over a long period of time so that we can boost your conversion rate significantly by improving various redundant onsite and offsite factors.

Bringing You Into Prominence and Keeping You There!

By choosing Global SEO Studios you put your business in prominence through strategic online marketing as advised by us. Through the application of our Global SEO services and our unrelenting focus on the future of your brand’s success, we will spike your search engine rankings and maintain its top position over the long term. Give us the opportunity to work with you and we ensure you that we will give your business everything it takes to make it a true success at the domestic and international level.
Off Page SEO Services
SEO Competitors provides its esteemed customers with a thriving range of off-page SEO services. We make deliberate efforts to leverage all the possible modes of off-page search engine optimization to promote your website. Your business is undoubtedly your precious asset and seeking our assistance to promote it would definitely be the wisest decision you could ever take in this regard. Some of our exclusive Off-Page SEO services we offer at your disposal include:
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Exchange
  • Photo Sharing
  • Video Promotions
  • Business Reviews
  • Local Listings
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release

Directory Submission Services:

In order to ensure maximum benefits from your website, it is important that it must be visited by the most concerned online audiences. Our directory submission service fulfills such a desire at the earnest by submitting your website URL to the most theme-specific directories.

Article Submission Services:

Another important off-page SEO method to promote your website, article submission refers to submitting quality articles about your site to the most theme-oriented article directories. Our article submission services intend to showcase your services at a broader perspective by submitting genuine articles about them in the most renowned article directories.

Social Bookmarking Services:

Having a vast database of social bookmarking sites makes it easier for us to bookmark your website in the renowned and relevant social bookmarking sites that could make it easier for the targeted customers to have in-depth information about your services.

Link Exchange Services:

An effective source of rearing beneficial backlinks, link exchange has been one of our strengths. We hold adept expertise in this form of link building strategy and help your website to gain foremost search page rankings.

Photo Sharing Services:

Off-page SEO services have gained a substantial boost with the photo-sharing services. At SEO Firm Services, we make our best attempts to churn the benefits of search engine optimization through Photo sharing.

Video Promotions Services:

A rare but one of the most thriving off-page SEO activities, we utilize the capabilities of video promotions as a speedy source to popularize your services. People nowadays find it better to watch a few minutes of video on YouTube, Google videos or other video sites to know about specific services rather than reading out all the articles on the same. We take this opportunity to provide detailed information about your projected services or products in the form of video and thereby work significantly towards enhancing the awareness of your business among the most concerned audiences.

Business Reviews Services:

While our other off page SEO activities work significantly towards promoting your website, business reviews from our quality content writers are also highly effective in living up to our promise of promoting your business as a brand.

Local Listings Services:

Services of local listing are rapidly catching up the pace with contemporary methods of off-page SEO activities. Big giants in the world of search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing have all been prudent enough to understand the importance of local listings. We are among the pioneers to help you utilize local listing services from these leading search engines for your extended benefits.

Press Release Services:

We are prompt to utilize our Press Release services to spread awareness about your most special or recently introduced products or services. We also hold immense expertise to submit all these press releases in the well-known press release websites.
Use Mobile Marketing to Boost Your Business
Mobile phone use for internet business, applications and penetration into the consumer market is huge and growing daily. Millions of ordinary people and businesses are using them for keeping abreast of developments or just to stay in contact with online friends as a consequence these devices are becoming (if they already are not) a basic necessity in todays society. As a business, if you are looking for a new cost effective means of promotion then you must utilise the potential of mobile phones and mobile marketing. Right from small business owners to large corporates, everyone is now using this media for their business promotion. One important tool in this arena is SMS. SMS is a cost effective way of promotion. In this article we will see how a simple short message can become an effective source of revenue generation for a business.

Pros and cons of SMS marketing

SMS is a cost effective means of getting your promotion across as you need to send an SMS only once and the end user will read it as an when he wants to, so it is better than making a call where the user may not be always available. On the top of that it is a two way communication when customers start responding. The results of SMS campaign are easily measured from tools such as delivery reports. From a marketing point of view, an SMS campaign can be an effective viral marketing tool as one user forwards the SMS to others and helps create a buzz. A lot of tools such as MMS and WAP push technology can be used to add creativity to the message through audio, videos and pictures. A SMS can also let people send inbound SMS requests to your company. These requests could be for added information, purchase requests or service requests. All of the above activities helps in increasing your customer database. The biggest con of SMS as a promotional tool is technical faults like delivery failures, in addition some customers may perceive them as spam so it is important that your SMS campaign give due consideration to this issue by allowing users to opt out as and when they want. This can easily be covered by setting up proper policies for content development.

Approaching an SMS campaign

There are some simple steps to be taken for an effective SMS campaign. First of all you must thoroughly understand your target customers by getting information about their age, demographics and their general behaviour. Their behaviour must be captured to know how they access SMS and the timing when they are most probable to read the SMS. According to the target audience, you can finally generate the message content. If you can provide any additional benefits in terms of promotional offers then your message will be more effective. Apart from above points, you should try to make SMS an interactive tool by engaging your potential customers through a pleasurable or unique experience with a value proposition. You must provide a communication channel and channels of action to engage them. And always remember not to spam.

Tips for an effective message content

Just as in online marketing keywords are used for effective content generation so to is the case with SMS marketing, which also involves the use of a keyword and short codes. A short code is a special 5 or six digit phone number which is unique to your business and recognized by all customers. Customers send messages on this number an example of a short code is 80001. Similarly, a keyword (s a unique phrase that a customer uses to interact with you. The keyword you choose might highlight a product or service your internet business provides i.e. your are an insurance company who might use the keyword claim. So keywords are paired with short code to send a message from a customer to you. Advertising your short code on all your current marketing material will expose your business to more consumers. These consumers can in turn send SMS requests to your short code which allows you to grow your database. Thus, we have seen that you just need to be creative enough to get attention using a few words. It is quick and crisp. Lot of businesses are reaping the benefits of SMS campaigns by reducing their advertising costs and increasing their reach. So, if you are looking for cost effective publicity using Mobile Marketing, get a shortcode and mobile marketing advice through an Internet Business Coach or internet consultant or let us set up a campaign for you. Right now we are offering great rates and free advice on how to get more business using SMS, just fill in our contact form.
Websites Designed to Rank!
Most of the time, when an individual or company begins to establish their online presence (i.e. creates a website), they usually do so without hiring or consulting a relevant authority (firm or individual) on how to properly optimize during its initial development. This is a mistake that usually costs them dearly later on down the road. The following will give you an idea of just how much it may cost you, if you choose to ignore the SEO + Web Design component right from the start. After your site gets indexed by the search engines, it is going to be harder to change their view later on down the road. For example, if you are not satisfied with your website’s traffic and want to hire someone to add more of an SEO component to it, you may have to wait a long time before the search engines recognize these new changes. You see, by this time your site has already been “indexed” and it could take up to a month or longer to review the new design and/or content. This being the case, wouldn’t it just make more sense to get in good with the search engines right from the start?

Optimize your website

It will cost you more money. When you hire a firm to develop and optimize your website “in-house”, they usually offer you a package deal, which cuts down the cost of performing these tasks separately. What is more, if your website is not SEO compatible right from the start, you will most likely have to continue running “SEO campaigns” time and time again to keep your site ranking high on the searches. With Web Design geared to rank on search engines, your site is fully optimized, from the beginning It makes the process harder. Not only will you make it more difficult for yourself if you do not optimize your site during the design process (more time spent looking for the right SEO professional and/or more money spent revamping or rebuilding your site later on), but it will make it harder for any SEO specialist you do end up hiring to do a proper job. They can only work with what they have been given. So, if your site is not SEO-friendly to begin with, they may not be able to do what is needed to fully optimize it. Now, although these are just some of the problems:that can occur when you do not consider designing your site with SEO in mind, lets take a look at it in more positive terms and see what you can gain by doing so.

Save time and money

You save time. Your website will be built already optimized the first time around. This means there will be no need to re-index your site, look for an SEO specialist, or have it built from scratch — again. You save money. Hiring one company that can build an “optimized website” will be much cheaper than doing it at different times and through different channels. There is a lot of redundant work that goes along with web design and SEO, so you could be billed for the same work more than once by doing it at different stages. You avoid hassles. You will never need to worry about having to redesign your site in the future because it is not SEO compatible. Nor will you have to deal with two teams (one for web design and the other for SEO) not being able to agree upon a suitable platform in which to incorporate them both (SEO and Web Design). Your Web Design team will make sure that your website looks good, is user-friendly, and ranks high in the search engines from the “ground up”. What is more, if they happen to face any difficulties, they are in a better position to rectify it, since the SEO and the web design teams work together, and therefore can communicate with each other more effectively and efficiently. In conclusion, combining SEO and Web Design can be quite challenging, yet extremely rewarding at the same time. The good news is that if you hire a reputable company to do all of this for you, you experience all of the rewards and none of the challenges.
International SEO on the Agenda

3 Major Issues to Be Considered

Want to be ready for the upcoming global expansion? Have a mind to face a challenge and transform your web presence into international? Use a can-do approach and remember: forewarned is forearmed. All you need to know before conquering new foreign markets are the basics of International SEO. There are three essential concepts that should be taken into account and this article will inform you about them.

Preparatory Stage: What are Your Major Goals?

It is crucial to begin the entire process from the deep analysis of your target market. Decide if to concentrate your attention on a region (Europe), a specific country (Germany) or a spoken language (for example, German). The mentioned above concepts will essentially impact all other follow-up actions. Ask yourself what are your strengths and weaknesses with regard to your current content management system and various IT solutions including localization of URLs, handling with directories and etc. Also, it is recommended to review external factors that may influence your activities (such as specific legal requirements and etc.).

1. Optimization Concepts

When carrying out strategic keywords analysis, stick to a local level so as to know what queries are the most relevant for your niche. Learn the basics of page optimization and apply them in practice: insert meta descriptions, target keywords in URLs, title tags, header tags and remember about 100% unique page content. In order to gain the trust of potential clients in your target area or region, you should concentrate your attention on inbound links from regional websites. Thus, if you are targeting Germany, focus on getting links from German authors and resources. Yes, the basics of link building are still effective: the more relevant is your content, the greater are your chances to get a link. Another essential step is to optimize videos and pictures with regard to localized titles, alt-texts and headlines. Oftentimes optimization of pictures can be considered as a relatively easy opportunity to attract additional traffic to your web pages.

2. Search Engine Peculiarities

Understanding what search engines are the most well-known in your target region is crucial. It is not worth measuring the search engine landscape with the same yardstick, for instance, an American one. On the one hand, this point of view seems to have a common sense – a lot of foreign countries are covered by Google’s presence that has conquered the vast majority of the internet market landscape (90% market share in Europe). But in China the leading search engine is Baidu and in Russia – the front-runner is Yandex.

3. Localization Hints

The content that you offer to your potential customers really matters. Show them that your information is relevant and interesting. If required – hire a professional translator who will make the high-quality content as far as users will be more likely to sign up for your newsletters, provide credit card data and etc. if they trust you, if there is positive feedback about your performance and if your content is professionally translated by qualified specialists.
Why measuring success is meaningful for SEO business?
Since many clients who order SEO services cannot understand its nature it is essentially important for SEO practitioners to set proper goals, define strategies that will help to accomplish them and demonstrate the outcomes to clients. The success of any SEO project is nearly allied to expectation management and thanks to a great variety of available data-mining instruments it is now possible to track and measure SEO process.

 Tracking the outcomes and measuring the process involves the following steps:

  • Make it simple and start with defining a baseline measurement before approaching to anything else – it will give you a clear understanding of where to begin measuring your SEO efforts.
  • Consider the factors driving your progress such as:
The most relevant keywords that drive the majority of your incoming traffic. Total website traffic calculation. The keywords that boost your website conversions. Estimation of traffic to the most visited website pages.
  •  Set your business goalsdefine what strategy you will apply and evaluate it with regard to the established short- and long-term goals.
  • Proceed with your SEO project: introduce new website pages, evaluate link-building tactics, renew content making it unique and enriching it with relevant keywords and implement another activity that you have planned.
  • Access your progress: collect figures and analyze your current stage of the development with regard to the initial baseline point
  • Refine your advertising campaign if required; weight all the pros and cons; make a forecast; improve the results making them even more effective.
At all stages remember to report to your client as such kind of communication improves rapport and reinforces customer confidence and trust in your professional efforts.

Analytics is the Queen

Nowadays there is a great variety of different tools intended to help you measuring your SEO breakthrough including Google Analytics, Click Tracks Optimizer, Webtrends, Omniture and etc. It is essentially important to make the right choice and measure your achievements in accordance to your ad campaign and its peculiarities. Pay attention to the major parameters:
  • measure search traffic;
  • segment your target audience with multiple characteristics (age, nationality, sex, country and etc.);
  • weight both traffic redirected from search engines and traffic by keywords.
SEO practitioners should not underestimate the importance of thorough approach to tracking results, measuring components and using analytics. These tools can provide a really valuable insight that can be utilized with an aim to adjust and maintain own ad campaigns for the sake of the best possible results. The needs justify the deeds. Remember that №1-10 in search delivery provides extra value to your brand adding more trustworthiness and authority. Daily people browse cyberspace searching for whatever they want to buy. If they see your product/service on the first page it boosts their loyalty to your organization and they think that you are the leader of the industry. Hence you get more attention from your potential audience and your time, efforts and investments please your online business with excellent ROI rates, new customers, additional calls and successful bargains.
How to Become an Expert in Google Analytics
Understanding the traffic that comes to your website including the words visitors use, the paths they take and the places they exit is crucial to your online success
You can learn how to use Google Analytics to navigate and understand the reports, set-up conversion and e-commerce tracking, and interpret the data to improve your business.

Google Analytics is a key marketing tool for your online success

Also have a look at Google AdWords and make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your site.


  • How Google Analytics works (tracking code)
  • How Analytics links with AdWords
  • Accounts and Profiles


  • Exporting and emailing reports
  • Calendar and timeline
  • Compare to previous
  • Navigation
  • Help
  • Goal Tracking
  • Why goals matter
  • Creating goals
  • Specifying a goal value
  • Funnel navigation
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • e-commerce tracking vs. Goal Conversions
  • Setting up e-commerce tracking
  • Understanding the terminology (RPC / CPC / Margin)


  • Visits
  • Unique visits
  • Page views
  • Time on site
  • Bounce Rate
  • New versus returning
  • Traffic Sources
  • Direct
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Engines
  • AdWords


  • Top content
  • Top exit pages
  • In-page analytics


  • When to use filters
  • Basic filters
  • Segmenting
  • When to use segments
  • Examples
  • Custom Reports
  • When to create custom reports
  • Examples
How long do you take to optimize a Web Site?
Since the SEO Industry is becoming popular within Canada and USA…? Lots of business and website owners have much to ask from SEO Consultants and Experts in Toronto, Canada. They have many questions and successful experts answer all of their concerns and fears in hiring you as an SEO consultant specialist. One question which is asked most often is “How long do you take to optimize a website and get top search engines ranking which I am hoping for”? New SEOs in Canada Toronto (relevantly new to the industry) commits like they have an ALADIN or personal relations with Google engineers and programmers… They say I am going to take 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc… Well, that depends… GUYS it depends on several things, including the kind of website you are optimizing, the search engines you are targeting, the competition you are challenging, competitiveness of the keywords and your level of monitoring the ongoing tasks and their effects on search engine rankings, it depends on how much time you are going to surf on researching the industry and competition into the optimization process. At the elementary level, you may select two or three keywords for your website’s home page, plug those keywords in Meta tags, Title tag, and body text then submit your website to top search engines and wait for the traffic to come. You can surely do this in less than one hour. However, such a limited effort is not going to do anything in terms of generating a traffic boost. A highly targeted and focused SEO campaign requires time dedication, experience, goal settings and most probably the patience. Keyword research should be based on a comprehensive analysis of strong and weak keywords. SEO optimized copywriting and continuous link building, as well as monitoring the assessment of the outcome of the campaign. Honestly speaking, you should creatively and patently develop your website, rather than rushing things and tasks to the process. The end results are based on the time you spend understanding the industry and link building. No one can bring top search engine ranking within nights. The good understanding of Googlebot and interaction with the search engine algorithms are very necessary. The competition makes successful search engine optimization challenging, time-consuming and, most of the times frustrating. Sometimes, it can take several months before you see good changes in search results. If your website is NEW… you are going to face the issues of “sandboxing” (keeping your site out of Google’s top rankings for as much as six months period). Google examines the site’s trust and links by keeping it to the separate database of new websites called SANDBOX. In the meantime, Google deliberately keeps NEW sites away reaching high rankings in its index. You may seek out quality and relevant links and keep patience… In the end, you must keep in mind that you are optimizing your website FOREVER (not for one time). Why hiring inexperienced guys who can take risks and get your website BAN by Google or involve in SPAM TECHNIQUES. A perfectly-optimized website will not grab immediate results Time Period to make a good understanding with Google Bot Search engine robots visit the website on the frequency of updates and good SEO changes and rank pages. We are going to make this process fast… Robot Activity Normal Period to Visit a Website = Weekly, or Once in two weeks Normal Period to Rank Pages = 25 – 35 days Goal Settings If we are able to make critical changes in the 1st month. We are going to get a good change from the second month and then boost from the 4th month. Let’s say: 1st Month Total Visits = 100 2nd Month Total Visits = 150 3rd Month Total Visits = 200 4th Month Total Visits = 220 5th Month Total Visits = 250 (The continuous good understanding with Google Bot, Quality 6th Month Total Visits = 500 Linking, PR improvement, Trust Rank improvement) 7th Month Total Visits = 550 8th Month Total Visits = 600 9th Month Total Visits = 700 10th Month Total Visits = 800 11th Month Total Visits = 900 12th Month Total Visits = 1000 with the patience and the right approach, the search engine rankings will eventually materialize, and the traffic will come to your website.
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Customer Reviews

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